Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday HYMN 9/16/12

Why So Heavy by Red Mountain Music

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I remember thinking when I was in middle school and high school about how very blessed I was. My parents were still married and loved each other as well as loving their kids. Our family was healthy and whole. But it scared me. I know that I didn't trust God to love me beyond these blessings that I enjoyed. So I was fearful that they'd be taken away.

Flash forward, oh let's just say a few years. :) In the last two years I've experienced the most loss and change as well as uncertainty in so many areas of my life. However, God has kept our family together and close to Him through out the process of Dad's death, Jason's job hunt, our subsequent move across the country, and even now as we seek to minister to the Hoodland area.

However, being me, my heart is not always soaked in truth. It doubts, it pouts, and generally it tries to dictate reality by making me feel abandoned or lonely. That's where the great hymns come in. They remind me of God's truth in a way that spurs my heart back toward Him.

Here's the lyrics written by Edward Caswall in 1873:

Verse 1

Oh why so heavy, oh my soul?
Thus to myself I've willed
Oh why so heavy, oh my heart?
And so sorrow-filled?


Hope thou in God, He still shall be
Thy Glory and thy endless praise
His saving grace shall comfort thee
Through everlasting days

Verse 2

His goodness made thee what thou art
And yet will he redeem
Oh be thou of a contrite heart
And put your trust in him.

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