Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting It Together

So today we started the official changes outlined here:

Jason picked up the Insanity DVDs from a craigslist seller yesterday, and we did the fit test this morning.

I was planning to start the Whole30 eating plan August 1st, but I figured I might as well start on a Monday! Breakfast this morning was a coconut milk smoothie and coffee with coconut milk in it. Coconut milk is nothing like half and half but loads better than black coffee.

So we woke up before the kids this morning, exercised, did family worship, and ate according to the Whole30 plan. Now to get to the FlyLady/housekeeping goals... not my favorite but necessary.

One final note, we did get on the scale (scary!) but we won't do it again for a full month. I'll let you know how it goes.

Edit: Food for Day 1:

Breakfast: Coconut milk smoothie (milk, ice, protein powder)
Snack: Sliced almonds with raisins
Lunch: Grassfed beef hamburger with chopped cucumber and grape tomatoes
Dinner: Crockpot -> stew beef (grassfed), tomatoes, onions, and garlic

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