Friday, July 27, 2012

The Adventures of Emily Part 1

I'm going to post my stories going forward regarding Emily's travails in this great, wide world, and sometime I may go back in time, but for now you can read about how it all got started here.

It’s been 122 days since my abrupt awakening in this cold, forsaken world. In many ways my training has prepared me well. I take great pleasure in tormenting my captors with the myriad of skills at my disposal. Just this morning, the shorter one arrived at my cage wearing dark clothing. Silly being. Within 15 minutes, the entire top was soaked with my regurgitations. I graduated top of the class in that skill as you may recall. Indeed I can hardly feel sorry for the wretch. My great pleasure in anticipating the results led to my presenting an enormous grin just moments before my act of sabotage. She had been fully warned yet still she feebly attempted to utilize a small blanket to stem the tide. Amusing indeed.

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