Thursday, July 19, 2012

Living in the shadow of Mt. Hood

We live in a beautiful part of the world. I often think that when people spend all day living in artificially lit boxes, whether at work or at home, it's so easy to get stressed out. Inside a box, it's easy to believe that everything depends on your effort. You can attempt to control the world around you when it's limited to 4 square walls.

Ah, but when you take a step outside, your perspective changes! The sky is limitless, there is no ceiling 8 feet above your head. The rowdy kids don't seem quite so loud when they're playing in the yard. The trees remind you that life exists beyond your immediate concerns. The wind rustles the leaves on the tree branches, and it's clear: You are not responsible for the whole world, or even your own family. We are given work sufficient for the day. We are called to be faithful to do it. 

So much stress comes from trying to be everything, to control or change those around us, but ultimately the world beyond our door reminds us that our life is but a part of a grander story. And we, praise the Lord, are not the Author, nor the Hero, but instead the loved and the redeemed

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