Friday, August 17, 2012

Another BIG Day

Yesterday was filled with the little but momentous events that fill our lives. The morning started off with a visit from the plumbers, who are really nice Christian guys. They okayed our ideas and will get back to us on cost estimates so we make sure that we don't go bankrupt in the process of remodeling. :) We also talked with them a lot, and I think we'll have made some friends by the time the project is done!

Later, Lauren and I met up with her friend Natalie and Natalie's mom, Kristina, at Wildwood Park for a playdate. Lauren and Natalie became fast friends at Hoodland Lutheran's VBS program this summer. They are perfectly matched little girls and had a great time. Kristina and I were able to relax in the shade and talk. What a blessing!

In the afternoon, Jason took Lauren to get her ears pierced. It was like a repeat of my own ear piercing experience: first ear hurt like the dickens so trying to keep her calm for the second ear was very tough. She's happy now though, and she was able to choose really cute little butterflies for her first earrings (see pictures below).

Rounding out the day was another tooth adventure with Alex. He has two adult teeth erupting and so the second loose tooth had to go. We'd been working on it for a few days but it was a no go, so in steps mom to wrestle the tooth. I was able to get it close, and then Jason finished it off. Now we have a momentarily gap-toothed kiddo. He is thrilled.

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