Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Improvements to the House

Moving to Oregon cost a lot of money. I don't recommend moving across the country with a family of six unless it's absolutely necessary. But the amazing thing is that once you move into a new house, there's more things to spend your money on. Not being made of money, we're making changes bit by bit. Two weeks ago we put up curtains in the two bedrooms (yes, we have two bedrooms for six people at the moment). Last night and this morning we put up shades on our skylights and on our french doors. It made a huge difference.

These doors go from our living room into the kids room. We previously had an old sheet blocking the windows. Classy, I know. So this look is much improved.

We're hoping to transform our 10 x 13 bathroom/laundry room into two bathrooms. One will be a 3-piece bathroom with a new vanity, mirror, and toilet but utilizing the existing shower. That bathroom will be approximately 5 x 10. The larger bathroom will use the existing toilet and vanity, but we'll have to install a bathtub and plumbing for the sink. It'll be a good bit of work, but 2 bathrooms is a necessity.

The other major project will be out in the garage. We have what amounts to a 2+ car garage. On the + side, we'll add a utility/laundry room (about 5 x 9.5) and a bedroom (there is an existing window). The finished bedroom will be about 11 x 12. It will serve as Alex's bedroom. He's going to share but we haven't determined which sibling he'll share with. That bedroom will also be our guest bedroom. For now we plan to keep the rest of the garage so we'll be able to park two car inside for the winter.

Speaking of winter, the other major addition we need to make is to purchase a pellet stove. Since we have cold, wet winters, the stove is a great economical choice as it naturally dehumidifies as it heats. 

Other than that, we need to stain and seal the deck and fence, repaint the guide rail along the deck, weed the yard... yeah there's a lot to do. 

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