Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Adventures of Emily - Part 4

Day 151: My language acquisition lags far behind my physical progress. In truth I cannot fully determine if my captors use an intelligible language or merely use a combination of grunts and gestures at each other. There is no comparison to our own soft, tonal form of communication. Whether there is in fact a true language with structure and grammar behind it, I cannot say; nothing I have seen so far can confirm it. In lieu of learning my captor's way of speaking, I have begun attempting to teach my primary jailer our own native tongue.

At first I was quite impressed, she seemed eager to learn and able to repeat a few simple phrases. However I have since learned that she is an excellent mimic and apparently lacks the sophistication to acquire a new language. Our sessions have had an unexpected benefit; we have developed a certain rapport, and I may be able to turn her. An inside agent would be exceptionally beneficial to our cause. Still the communication gap looms. I have turned to physical gestures to communicate my most basic desires. My captor certainly understands my expressions but often misses the nuances. What she understands as, "I'm happy!" is often truly, "I'm delighted that I have created something foul for you to clean up!" She may perceive that I am displeased but be wholly unaware of how she has thwarted some well-thought-out plan of attack by relocating me.

My jailer does have one skill that I enjoy. Before placing me back in my cage, she will often make sounds in her language that are melodic, reminding me of our own tongue. This has a calming effect and may be related to their mission against me. I am unsure of it; however, I will continue to work towards turning my captor. I do believe that she has a soft spot for me despite my imprisonment and rough treatment. Further reports to follow.

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  1. Don't be taken in by this invader! It's a very similar situation to Duke and Bandit: They use their incredible cuteness to manipulate and outwit.