Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One Week In: Insanity and Whole30

A few reflections on Insanity one week in:

It's so much easier now. Muscle memory helps, and I can definitely feel myself lasting longer and pushing harder, though perhaps a bit too hard today. I like Sean T as an instructor. He thinks everything is "very important" which can get to me, but overall he cues at just the right time to remember to keep your core tight and things like that.

Whole30 has been tough. I felt ill this weekend but I think it was coconut related. Too much coconut can really do a number on the digestive system. I've dialed it back significantly and felt much better. I'm not weighing until the Whole30 is over but I feel like I've already lost some weight. I definitely have had less headaches.

Breakfast: uncured sausage with sauteed bell peppers and mushrooms
Snack: Trailmix
Lunch: Thai Chicken Coconut Soup from Pre-Made Paleo
Dinner: Chicken with steamed veggies

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